Online Trauma Counselling in Edmonton

You’ve been through a traumatic experience recently and are struggling to cope. Life doesn’t feel the same. You find yourself on edge, irritable, sad or withdrawn. Your thoughts are consumed by what happened. You know you need help but the idea of seeing a therapist in person is too overwhelming right now. There is another option. Online counseling for trauma and PTSD can provide the help you need from the comfort and privacy of home. At Online Counseling, our trauma-informed therapists have experience helping people work through traumatic events and the aftermath. Through secure video sessions, you’ll get the support and practical strategies to start feeling better. Don’t suffer in silence. Help and healing are just a click away.

The Impact of Trauma and Why Counseling Can Help

Traumatic experiences can have lasting impacts on your mental and physical health. PTSD, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and chronic health issues are common side effects of unresolved trauma. Online counseling can help you work through trauma in a supportive environment and find healing.

Trauma counseling helps you process traumatic events so you can move on from the past. A counselor will listen without judgment, provide coping strategies, and help reframe negative thoughts. You’ll gain insights into how the trauma has impacted you and strategies to build resilience. Over time, the painful memories lose their power over you.

Online counseling offers convenience and anonymity. You can connect with a licensed counselor from anywhere using video chat. There’s no need to sit in a waiting room or miss work for appointments. The virtual environment may feel less threatening for those hesitant to seek in-person help.

Don’t suffer in silence. Trauma counseling can help you overcome past hurts, improve your relationships, and find inner peace. While the pain may never completely fade, counseling helps ensure the trauma no longer controls your life. You deserve to feel heard, supported, and empowered. Online trauma counseling can help you find your way to healing and reclaim hope for the future.

Signs You May Benefit From Trauma Counseling

If you’ve gone through a traumatic experience, online trauma counseling in Edmonton may help you find healing and peace of mind. Here are some signs you could benefit from professional support:

  • Recurring nightmares or flashbacks. If you frequently relive the traumatic event through vivid memories, nightmares, or flashbacks, counseling can help reduce their frequency and intensity.
  • Difficulty coping with stress. Trauma can impact your ability to handle everyday stresses and challenges. Counseling teaches coping strategies to better manage stressful situations.
  • Relationship issues. Unresolved trauma may strain your close relationships. A counselor can help you build communication skills, set healthy boundaries, and reconnect with loved ones.
  • Substance abuse problems. Some turn to drugs or alcohol to numb painful emotions and memories. Counseling helps address underlying issues fueling the addiction and provides support to become sober.
  • Feelings of guilt or shame. Counseling helps challenge negative beliefs, reframe thoughts, and alleviate distressing emotions related to the trauma.
  • Anxiety and depression. Trauma counseling helps identify how the event contributed to symptoms of anxiety, depression or PTSD and provides treatment to improve your mental health and daily functioning.
  • Don’t suffer in silence. Speaking with a trauma counselor can help you work through painful emotions, gain a healthier perspective of yourself and the event, improve your relationships, and find greater peace of mind. Take the first step – you deserve to heal and be happy.

Different Types of Trauma Counseling Approaches

There are several types of trauma counseling approaches that can be effective for overcoming traumatic events. The most common methods include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT focuses on challenging negative thoughts and behaviors resulting from the trauma. A counselor will help you examine how your thoughts influence your feelings and behaviors. You’ll learn coping strategies to better manage trauma-related stress and anxiety. CBT can be very effective for PTSD and acute trauma.

Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy gradually exposes you to the traumatic memory in a controlled way. This helps desensitize you to the trauma and reduces distress over time. Techniques include imaginal exposure where you vividly imagine the traumatic event, and in vivo exposure where you confront trauma reminders in real life. Exposure therapy is often used for PTSD and phobias related to the trauma.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a form of exposure therapy that uses side-to-side eye movements while recalling the traumatic memory. This helps the brain process the memory in a new way, reducing the distressing feelings associated with it. EMDR can be very effective, especially for PTSD and single-incident traumas.

Somatic Experiencing

This gentle approach focuses on releasing trauma locked in the body. A counselor helps you track body sensations, tensions, and movements to regain awareness and control over your body’s reactions. This can help release pent up energy and ease trauma-related physical issues like chronic pain, insomnia, and panic attacks. Somatic experiencing works for both shock trauma and developmental trauma.

The type of counseling used will depend on the nature of your trauma, symptoms, and personal preferences. Many counselors are also eclectic, using a combination of approaches tailored to your needs. The important thing is finding an approach you feel comfortable with to overcome your trauma.

The Benefits of Online Trauma Counseling in Edmonton

Online trauma counseling in Edmonton offers many benefits over traditional in-person therapy.

Convenience and Flexibility

Seeking counseling for trauma can be difficult enough without having to commute to an office and keep rigid appointment times. With online services, you can attend sessions from the comfort of your own home on a device of your choice at the scheduled time or by video on-demand. Therapy on your terms provides flexibility and convenience, reducing barriers to access support when you need it most.

Anonymity and Privacy

The anonymity of online communication can help put you at ease when discussing sensitive trauma-related topics. Speaking with a counselor through an online platform allows you to open up without feeling exposed or judged due to the physical separation. Your information remains private and confidential for additional peace of mind.

Specialized Support

Reputable online counseling services have licensed professionals with expertise in trauma and PTSD. They are specifically trained to help you work through traumatic events and memories in a caring, compassionate way using evidence-based approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and exposure therapy. With the right counselor, you can find healing and learn coping strategies tailored to your unique situation.


The lower overhead costs of online operations often translate into more affordable counseling fees for clients. This can make professional trauma support more accessible if cost is a concern. Some services also offer financial assistance or a sliding-scale payment model based on your ability to pay.

Connecting with a trauma counselor online provides a combination of benefits that allows you to get the help you need in a supportive environment on your own terms. Take the first step to find healing and contact a service today. With compassion and commitment to your wellbeing, the right counselor can help you move past trauma and build a healthier, happier future.

How to Get Started With Online Trauma Counseling

The process of beginning online trauma counseling is simple and can start today.

Find a Counselor

Search online for trauma counselors in your area that offer virtual sessions. Check their credentials, experience, specialties, and availability to find one you connect with. Many sites like allow you to view counselor profiles, experience and availability to make the best match.

  • Look for licenses, degrees and trauma-informed training.
  • Consider gender, faith or cultural preferences if important to you.
  • Schedule free initial consultations with a few counselors to find the right fit.

Set Up Your First Appointment

Once you choose a counselor, schedule your first video session. Let them know you’re interested in trauma counseling for healing and growth. They will walk you through the process and paperwork to get started.

Prepare for Your First Session

Before your first meeting:

  1. Have your device, wifi, camera and mic tested and ready. Log in a few minutes early.
  2. Gather any records, journals or assessments related to your trauma. Share only what you’re comfortable with.
  3. Reflect on your goals for trauma counseling. What do you hope to gain or change? How can the counselor support you?
  4. Try relaxation techniques like deep breathing to ease anxiety. Your counselor is there to help you, not judge you.

Attend Your First Session

In your initial session, your counselor will:

  • Discuss your trauma history, current challenges and counseling goals.
  • Explain their approach to trauma treatment and answer your questions.
  • Determine a schedule for ongoing sessions based on your needs. Weekly or biweekly is common.
  • Provide coping strategies and therapeutic tools to begin using right away.
  • Reassure you that healing from trauma is possible with time and support. You’ve taken an important first step.


Online trauma counseling provides a convenient, discreet way to find hope and healing. With the right counselor’s support, you can build confidence, strengthen relationships, and develop new coping strategies for life’s challenges. Take that first brave step—you deserve to heal and be happy.


So there you have it – trauma counseling in Edmonton is available and accessible. Online options open up therapy to people who otherwise may not seek help. You owe it to yourself to find healing. Make that call or send that email to book your first appointment. Talking to a professional about trauma can be hard, but living with the pain and distress is so much harder. You have the power to improve your life and find greater peace and happiness. Online trauma counseling in Edmonton provides a confidential, judgment-free space for you to open up at your own pace. Take that first courageous step – you deserve to feel better. There are caring counselors ready to support you on your journey to healing and growth.